Medono India Mini Cryo Gun 350 ML Liquid Nitrogen Sprayer – High Quality

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Medono India Mini Cryo Gun 350 ML Liquid Nitrogen Sprayer

  • Liquid nitrogen treatment can be conveniently and economically carried out with the Mini Cryo Gun 350 ML Liquid Nitrogen Sprayer from Medono India. This high-quality sprayer enables precise application of liquid nitrogen for various purposes. Users can easily arrange to have the container (cryo-can) filled at a local hospital, laboratory, or factory, making the process efficient and accessible. With its reliable performance and ease of use, this product provides a practical solution for various cryotherapy applications. Convenient and economical cryo treatment with Medono India cryogun that sets a new standard for precision cooling.        
  •  Easy maintenance is a priority, allowing for quick cleaning and component replacement, ensuring that the cryogun remains in optimal condition with minimal downtime. Safety is paramount, and the cryo gun is equipped with advanced safety features. Pressures sensors and an automatic shut-off mechanism ensure secure operation, while the nozzle design prevents direct skin contact, minimizing the risk of cold-related injuries.                                                                                                                  
  • This innovative device significantly reduces treatment time compared to traditional cryo systems, such as CO2 snow or nitrous oxide. With its extremely low temperature of -196 degrees Celsius, it achieves the desired degree of freezing efficiently, requiring just one-third of the time. It delivers a controlled stream of ultra-cold gases with pinpoint accuracy. this precision ensures that the targeted area experiences rapid and uniform cooling, making it ideal for applications where temperature control is crucial.
  • It enables precise cooling during production processes, reducing thermal stress on materials and improving overall product quality. In medical research, the cryo gun aids in the preservation of sensitive biological samples. Even in the culinary world, it finds application in creating unique frozen textures and presentations.
  • The adjustable nozzle allows for customization of the cooling intensity, catering to the specific requirements of each application. This ensures that the cryo gun is not only powerful but also adaptable to a wide range of scenarios.
  • The Medono India Mini Cryo Gun 350 ML Liquid Nitrogen Sprayer Can for Dermatology is a high-quality tool crafted from stainless steel. It comes with 5 probes and a convenient carry bag, making it ideal for dermatological procedures. This liquid nitrogen sprayer is designed to provide precise and controlled application, ensuring optimal results.
  • Simplify your cryotherapy routine with the Medono India Mini Cryo can. Delivering affordable and efficient treatment for common skin lesions. Spray on liquid nitrogen for immediate results.


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